About Saloni

Saloni Kumar lives in Seattle, USA. She is an Artist, a Daughter, a Wife and a Mother of two daughters.

Growing up with her mother, who is an artist herself , her house seemed like a huge art gallery, this fascinated her and provoked her creativity. Even before she knew it, She began to dream of being an artist herself.

Having a close connect with countryside life and being a part of family of agriculturist, she would often visit her farms and fruit orchards with her father. Her father being a great storyteller would tell her interesting tales about the different flora and fauna around the place, which would intrigue her curiosity and would continue into bedtime stories. Carrying forward her dad’s storytelling tradition of magical realism into her work,You will find a reflection of those childhood memories evidently visible in her work.

Seeing her mother paint only for personal satisfaction, initially Saloni never understood the professional side of this field and went on to doing her MBA instead of an art degree, even though her interest totally contradicted.

Her mother as her guide, over the years of practice, she mastered oil, charcoal and mixed media. This makes her a self taught artist, who turned every mistake into a life long learning and adopting the everyday practice mantra.

She says, She would have fallen prey to the corporate world of desk jobs and pay checks had it not been for her husband, who like her mother, saw what she truly liked and believed  hence encouraged her to pursue art.

Her professional journey as an artist began only after she got married. Over the years She has participated in numerous art exhibitions from her home country to abroad Delhi, Bangalore, San Francisco, Cupertino, San Jose, Seattle.